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CEO面对面 | Face to Face 1

Michael Chen, Co-founder and CEO of neoX Biotech

neoX is a biotech company dedicated to developing next-generation neoantigen-based personalized cancer vaccine by big data-driven computational design. neoX has developed a pioneering neoantigen prediction and selection platform by leveraging AI and biophysics. neoX is cofounded by MIT and Caltech alumni with the mission of eliminating cancer to eventually enable everyone to possess physical, mental, and spiritual freedom. 

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CEO面对面 | Face to Face 2

Peter Chen, Vice President of Morningside Venture Capital

Morningside Group was founded in 1986, by the Chan family of Hong Kong, to make private equity and venture capital investments. Morningside Venture Capital, a sub-organization of Morningside Group,  is one of China’s earliest early-stage venture investors with billions of dollors under management including both USD fund and RMB fund, from the commitment of sovereign wealth funds, family offices, fund of funds, university endowment and etc.

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