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Li Feng

Li Feng, Co-founder and Partner of FreeS Fund

Li started his career as an English lecturer for New Oriental Group and later went on founding Miaozhen Systems, a data marketing company with current yearly revenue of USD 30 million. After resigning as CEO at Miaozhen, he joined IDG Accel Partners, one of the largest venture capital firms in China dedicated to the startup industry, and earned a controversial reputation of making fast decisions with millennials founders. Upon IDG, Li founded his own venture fund - FreeS Fund, and was ranked the 30th top investors in China by Forbes.

Sue(Xiaoyu) Xu

Sue(Xiaoyu) Xu, General Partner at Amino Capital

Dr. Sue Xu is a partner at Amino Capital. Her investment theme is big data, machine learning and domain agnostic. She was interim CEO of CandyHouse. Since 2012, she has been involved with over 100 investments, such as Assemblage (acquired by Cisco), Orbeus (acquired by Amazon), Woomoo (acquired by Priceline), Contastic (acquired by SugarCRM), Human Longevity Inc, Skycatch, and is currently providing advisory to a number of fast growing portfolio startups. Dr. Sue Xu began her early stage entrepreneurship when she was the founding scientist of GlycoMira (also involved in undergrad and PhD laboratory spin-offs). She has three patents and over 20 journal publications, and previously was a Postdoc fellow at Stanford University.

Xiaojun Li.jpg
From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 3

Xiaojun Li,

Partner at IDG Capital

Xiaojun Li is actively involved in investments in Mobile, Internet and Technology sectors. Xiaojun has extensive engineering, management and entrepreneurial experience in many different areas of technology. Prior to joining IDG Capital, he was a key member of the technology team at Broadcom Corp. (NASDAQ BRCM) and Marvell Semiconductor (NASDAQ: MRVL), where he led design teams for the development of several microchips. Previously, Xiaojun worked for Airvana Networks where he was responsible for the business development in Greater China.  Xiaojun received an MBA from the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and a bachelor's degree in Engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Guo Wei.jpg
From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 4

Guo Wei, Founding Partner at Uphonest Capital

Wei Guo has been one of China's most prolific startup investors in recent years, backing more than 200 companies through his firm Wei Fund, which he launched in 2014, and then Uphonest, his $50 million second fund. Guo’s exits already include Scout, Chariot, Worklife, Virtroid and tbh. One focus for Guo is to help portfolio companies globalize their operations.

Dai Yusen
From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 5

Dai Yusen, Partner at ZhenFund

Dai Yusen is a partner of ZhenFund and cofounded Jumei (NYSE: JMEI) before he dropped out of Stanford in 2009. Jumei is the leading Chinese cosmetics e-commerce retailer and one of the largest Chinese e-commerce companies. Yusen oversaw Jumei's product design and development, operation management, online marketing, and management of several categories. Jumei was listed on NYSE in May 2014 at a market cap of $3 Billion, only four years after its inception. Yusen was one of the youngest cofounders to list their companies on NYSE.

Wang Tianfan
From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 6

Wang Tianfan, Managing Director at Bertelsemann Asia Investments

Mr. Tianfan (Will) Wang is the managing director of Bertelsmann Asia Investments (BAI), focusing on collaboration networks, retail & consumer, Industrial IoT and globalization of Chinese enterprises. He has led 40 investments and management in companies including Ding Dong Grocery (叮咚买菜), Tongcheng Life (同程生活), Keep, Club Factory, Mobike (摩拜单车), Yijiupi (易久批), VUE, POP (画音), DPtech (迪普科技), Whale (帷幄科技), etc.


Will graduated from Shanghai International Studies University and holds a master's degree in management from London Business School.

From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 7

Yonggang Wang, VP of technology and AL Institution at Sinovation Ventures

Yonggang Wang, CTO of Sinovation Ventures, as well as the Executive President of SV AI Institute, who is dedicated to the engineering and commercialization of frontier AI technology, and the cultivation of AI talents.


Yonggang co-founded AInnovation, a commercialized AI company, and also initiated DeeCamp, a unique and successful yearly AI talent training program.


Yonggang graduated from Peking University. Previously, he served as staff software engineer and senior technical manager in Google for over 10 years. The projects he had participated in or been responsible for R&D include Desktop Search, Google Pinyin Input Method, Product Search, Knowledge Graph, Google Homepage Doodles, etc. He has a profound R&D experience in areas such as knowledge graph, distributed systems, natural language processing, HTML5 animation and game engines. Yonggang is also an author who has published a number of articles and books on software development and popular science, as well as several science fiction stories.

Fosun Capital.jpg
From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 8

Jonathan Qiu, Managing Director at Fosun RZ Capital; Wally Wang, Director of Investment at Fosun RZ Capital

Jonathan Qiu is the managing director at Fosun RZ Capital. He previously cofounded  Sky9 Capital and focuses on technology and dotcom startups in China and the U.S. In his entrepreneurial journey, he co-founded Circlemo, a professional mobile social network startup in China. While he was working in Tencent, he founded Tencent Networking Lab.


Wally Wang kicked off his entrepreneurial career as a data scientist at Pebble Technology, a smartwatch company that went through the Y Combinator. Pebble raised $10.3M through kickstarter campaign and was eventually sold to Fitbit. Wang was one of the founding data scientists at Pebble and built the startup's very first dashboard/data visualization tools. He later founded three other startups, which received fundings from NEA, Founders Fund, Sequoia, and CRV. All three were acquired. Now as a venture capitalist, he focuses on health care, financial technology, and enterprise technology. Wang believes that machine intelligence is transforming the world.

Cao Xi.jpg
From Coast to Coast CEO Webinar Series 9

Cao Xi, Partner at Sequoia Capital China

After graduating from Peking University, Cao joined Tencent as a product manager. At Tencent, he built extensive skills in finding product-market fit, designing product, and managing operations, etc. His obsession with product excellence continued into his later career as a venture capitalist. In 2013, Cao joined Sequoia Capital China and led investment rounds on Kuai Shou, Dou Yu, etc.

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