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OUR Partners

Thanks to our 2019 partners!

Tsingyuan Ventures


Tsingyuan Ventures is a technology-focused venture fund based in Los Altos, California. Tsingyuan Ventures invest in seed to A-round startups in the United States. It is a successor fund to the TEEC Angel Fund. Tsingyuan Ventures finds unusual opportunities in early-stage technology by taking advantage of the growing relationship between China and the US. We are a team of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs, with 7 PhDs and over 150 patents filed among the investment team. We are deeply technical, and skilled at evaluating emerging technologies. We leverage our experience and connections to help our portfolio companies in funding, market development, and exit opportunities.


Skylight Investment


Skylight Investment focuses on investing in early-stage companies with disruptive technologies. We actively seek entrepreneurs with a track record of success. Our primary focus includes robotics, biotechnology, hardware, artificial intelligence, blockchain, novel materials, and other advanced technologies. We invest in seed round and series A round, our typical investment is between $100,000 and $500,000.


SummitView Capital


SummitView Capital's mission is to fund transformative companies of the 21st century that will modernize entire industries. Our strategy is clear and definite: to provide innovative ideas and technologies with the resources – whatever it takes – to commercialize big opportunities. We are currently managing several funds located in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, the United States, etc. Since our inception in 2011, we leverage our powerful network among governmental, corporate, and personal relationships around the world to commit through the full life-cycle of high-tech equity investments. Our core investment areas include: Information Industry, Advanced Manufacturing, Green Tech & Clean Tech, Precision Medicine, and Cultural Creativity.


Tsinghua Entrepreneurs and Executive Club



Tsinghua Entrepreneurs and Executive Club (TEEC, is an organization founded by Tsinghua alumni entrepreneurs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in high tech industries. The mission of TEEC is to provide a platform for members to receive support, exchange succor and contribute help. In the meantime, TEEC aims to support aspiring young entrepreneurs innovation. It currently has chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, Silicon Valley, New York, Tokyo, and Germany. Hundreds of companies founded or managed by TEEC members, and nearly 100 went public domestically or abroad. The majority of the companies founded by TEEC members have received funding from well-known VC/PE firms, with investment surpassing more than hundreds of billions of RMB. Those that have gone public have a total market value of more than ten thousands of billions of RMB. The private equity funds started and managed by TEEC members are worth about RMB 1000 billion.



From high-impact science to high-impact therapy. Working alongside founders to translate breakthrough life science discoveries into meaningful clinical solutions.

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